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The Art Project
The Art Project

About the Project

The Art Project is the first unique challenge to put together various inputs on Eternal Feminine – a topic that is not widely known by general public. We wish to introduce Images that have inspired artists, musicians, poets, writers, scientists, theologians, philosophers throughout history.

We have set the task to cover different arts in order to make available and easy to understand concepts and categories that currently seem to be complex and little-known for the audience, which we seek to get interested end thus more educated in this field. As we see it the Art Project is a unique chance for everyone to learn, or to be more precise, to recall the centuries back overlooked old; addressing the root meanings and harmony restoring. 

Art is something to bring people together. We believe in connecting people based on timeless values, aspirating of the human spirit through the art, setting out spiritual life purposes.

It is for the first time in Russia (and in the world, too) that an Art Project has been launched on the subject. There is a key feature of our worldview that makes the project authors different from most of the people. We are inspired by Sophia Holy Wisdom and Holy Spirit, but unlike the Christian general understanding regard them as persons, Feminine Hypostases, representing the Divine Maternal Aspect. By the most of people these key notions are well known but poorly understood.

Reviewing specific concepts of the feminine, femininity, female spirit and images in the Russian and Western outlook, we feature their place, their relevance to the core values inherent in the Russian  culture thus tracing their value and interconnection in terms of gender identity.

The need to go back to traditional spiritual values, to the Russian cultural roots is one of the present crucial tasks. The new finding of ancestral knowledge is to drive the cultural policies to reliance on true Russian values. The Russian culture has always been built on the Idea of Divine Sophia as its foundation.

The interest in culture spiritual origin has increased recently. There are a lot of researchers working to discover the culture deepest foundations, reviewing them due to the modern history context. Clarifying the Sophianic origin of culture would bring us closer to the true artwork interpretation. 

The time we are living in testifies to the urgency of the topic and calls to use all the existing tools to promote the Eternal Feminine subject in various areas of culture, i.e. music, fine arts, literature, architecture, etc.

The Sophianic foundation (by S.Bulgakov) brings arts closer to spiritual holiness experience: it is only “in the soul of a holyman, who has purified the heart with Labour, The Lord’s world appears as Cosmos, as Sophia, as Beauty”. As per Bulgakov, an artist keeps “a most intimate communication with the Universe Soul, being the most cherished child of Mother Earth”, he witnesses “the creation illuminated Heavenly with Sophia rays”, “the genius looks into Sophia, She Herself is the Sophianic Ray, Her Own Revelation,” – S.Bulgakov wrote in his “Unfading Light”.

“The energies manifest the innumerable names of God, according to the teaching of the Areopagite: Wisdom, Life, Power, Justice, Love, Being, God…” (V.N.Losskiy. The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church).

Under the present socio-cultural conditions the task of moral character education is the cause for concern. So the Idea of Sophia with Her values of Kindness, Love, Beauty and Truth can be comprehended as the dominating one in the system of moral human character-building.

We are open to any contribution from anyone who shares our vision, creative people (in any field), taking their inspiration from the Eternal Feminine High Images.

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