Eternal Feminine

The Art Project

The Art Project
The Art Project

“Feminine, Soul of Creation – is the maternal bossom of art and also the love it carries.
Sacred in itself art cannot stay out of being in love with nature, with Soul of Creation, with Sophia, with The Eternal Feminine. A true artist shall be indeed a Knight of The Beautiful Lady”.

S.N. Bulgakov


“Quiet Thoughts”

About us

The Art Project is the first unique challenge to put together various inputs on Eternal Feminine – a topic that is not widely known by general public. We wish to introduce Images that have inspired artists, musicians, poets, writers, scientists, theologians, philosophers throughout history.

We have set the task to cover different arts in order to make available and easy to understand concepts and categories that currently seem to be complex and little-known for the audience, which we seek to get interested end thus more educated in this field. As we see it the Art Project is a unique chance for everyone to learn, or to be more precise, to recall the centuries back overlooked old; addressing the root meanings and harmony restoring. 

Art is something to bring people together. We believe in connecting people based on timeless values, aspirating of the human spirit through the art, setting out spiritual life purposes.


The Art Project

the Eternal Feminine International Art Exhibition

nov - dec 2019

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