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The Eternal Feminine International Art Exhibition 2019 nov 24 - dec 8

Nov 24 2019
Inessa Rouzhitskaya (an artist)

Thanks to the “Eternal Feminine” Project for the opportunity to share my vision of the femininity and maternity with the audience!

Nov 24, 2019
Andrey Ternov

The Mother Sophia and The Father have originated the sacred genealogy! Let the hearts fill with Hope, Faith and Love in Their Honor!

My gratitude to the artists and organizers for such a Wonderful Spiritual Exhibition!

Nov 24, 2019
Daniil San’kov

I have been living within the space of the Maternal Love and Feminine surrounding from birth, and I do not want to lose that feeling of love. No matter what sins I commit, how low I sink, I’ll keep remembering that I am not alone. Thank you for giving people a chance to understand what the Feminine is like.

Nov 24 2019
Yulia Ivanova

What a wonderful exhibition! Magic Pictures! Delicate, beautiful exposition. Thank you!

Nov 24 2019
Irina Zagoruiko

Today is one of the happiest days in my life! The Exhibition is amazing! The paintings, concert program, decoration – all that makes you feel the joy, happiness, flight, boundlessness and eternity… You feel touching something Glorious,  The Eternal, the Truth, have a better understanding of the life sense and its high value! Thank you!

Nov 24 2019
Evgenia Troosh

Congratulations on the Mother’s Day! And on the start of such a wonderful and essential project! Many thanks to the organizing team for the tremendous work they have done. Special thanks to the artists for the given opportunity to see extraordinary worlds and beauties. I thank all the people participating in the project for their courage. I have a feeling that the exhibition is the beginning – a certain “letter”, “a point” written to be followed by a long and interesting story! I wish you good fortune and strength!

Nov 24 2019
Natalia Matviyenko

Many thanks to the organizing team of the Exhibition for the pleasure to see the exposition, listen to the interesting lecture and beautiful “Rus Project” singers voices. Special thanks to Agnessa Voskresenskaya.

Nov 24 2019
My heartfelt thanks to the organizing team for such a wonderful celebration – soulful, glorious, delicate and wise! Regards from mothers and grandmothers!

Nov 24 2019
А.S. Hachatryan (Artemis)

I congratulate wholeheartedly all the women on the Mother’s Day! I express my sincere gratitude to all the participants and artists of that excellent event. Special thanks to the organizers who managed to bring together the efforts of their team  (those tireless cultural workers) in such a clever way. My warmest thanks to the “Rus Project” participants, who gave the audience a glorious pleasure! Many thanks to the leader of the high art group! God bless you all!

Nov 24 2019
Thank you for the wonderful event, for the poems, for the love you have given us today. All the best and prosperity! God bless you!

Nov 24 2019
Anna (a guest from the Ukraina)

A wonderful feeling of flight, the presence of the Heaven Light, Purity, Love. I feel like I’ve been born, and that is a birth from heaven. It is worth coming to feel that from any part of the world – the touch of Heaven, Eternal Feminine and celebration of Love. Thank God! I wish you prosperity!

Nov 24 2019
Ekaterina Aksyonova (An artist. Painting filled with light).
Thanks for the Light, Warmth and Love. The concert I attended at the exhibition – is a real Temple of Soul! The Light you have filled us with we shall keep to multiply all the best, enlightened and kind in the world. With all my heart I wish you prosperity and development to your light project for the good and with God’s blessings!

Nov 24 2019
Anna Zimorodok (Spirit Art)
Thanks for your positive and joyful work! Let Love, grace, prosperity and beauty always shine in your hearts, bringing the world the Miracle!

Nov 29 2019
Viktor Afanasyev

Many thanks! A wonderful exposition of paintings, or, rather images of the Subtle World. It is a great beginning in striving to the future of New Mankind and the Era of the Mother of the World! The creative works of the artists have given us wings and inspiration. We thank them for the light and joy!

Nov 29 2019
Lilia Alexandrova

Most sincere thanks for such a wonderful Exhibition. The art works of the brilliant artists moves to tears, inspires, fills the heart with joy, expands consciousness. There are no words to express the delight at the deep sense of the paintings. Many thanks!!!

Nov 30, 2019
Elena Fediounina

Thank you for the Exhibition. There is something very beautiful in your project, no doubts.  An impulse to the beauty and harmony, call for human wisdom. There is something to each painting. I seem to feel to Svetlana Solovyova, Inessa Rouzhitskaya, Voinova-Bogoroditskaya, Anelia Pavlova. Works by Freidoon Rassouli look spectacular, they are doubtlessly dynamic and colorful.

Nov 30, 2019

A was here on Nov 24th, the opening day. There was such a warm atmosphere, it filled the heart and soul with joy. But today at the exhibition something happens to my soul, too. I feel love, fullness. There are neither concerts, no poetry reading scheduled, but my soul can hear singing and poems. The works are beautiful! They are all – as if about me, about my heart, feminine heart. Thanks God!

Dec 01, 2019
Venera Radikovna Barankova

It is an amazing, wonderful exhibition! My thanks to the organizing team and the authors of these great masterpieces!!! I bow my head in gratitude to you and wish you further original ideas to implement and art-creations to present!

Dec 02, 2019

God bless you! I wish you health and best of luck with your nobble effort.

Dec 02, 2019
Nikolay Ivanovich Filippov

I am most grateful to the organizing team for presenting such a wonderful exhibition of the wonderful artists of different countries of our world, God-given artists. Thank you. With due respect, titled Labour Veteran (granted the title by the Moscow Government decision of 1988).

Dec 03, 2019
Thank you for the paintings that have celestial magnetism. A very good exhibition. Thank you.

Dec 03, 2019
Galina Prozorova

Thanks for an extraordinary vision of a woman – as of a whole Universe, that inspires to create, to discover all the true potential a woman has!

Dec 03, 2019
E.V.Kooropyatnik, author of “Book of the Saints for the Mother Era” (Vitalena)
What I saw – great light! The exhibition is a great event for Moscow, for Russia! Go ahead, with more powerful events. The exposition is amazing and powerful. The quotes are very precious, they add to the understanding of the images, have great educational value. I saw people taking photos of the quotes so that they could read them later and understand all the details, preparing to the current Mother Era. The Exhibition is the evidence of this fact! God Bless you to expand the Exhibition and to be able to present it in different cities of Russia!

There is a great healthy effect, as light is shining. Lovely music is on that suits the painting perfectly.

Dec 03,  2019
Svetlana Konina

What an amazing Art Exhibition in the Astakhov Cultural Center! Thank you for the Eternal Feminine paintings! The way they disclose the nature of the Woman moves to tears!  They are so delicate and sensitive, the works are painted with such great love, and so are the quotes about the Woman, the Mother! We ought to hear and accept the wisdom. Thank you! It is Beauty, Wisdom, Power, The Mantle and Grace. I bow to the organizers, to all who painted the works and talked to us. I wish you good luck and a long path ahead in your Creative. Thank you!

Dec 04, 2019
Irina Vasilyevna Chukanova

I like the Exhibition. The images are very delicate and inspired. Thank you.

Dec 04, 2019

I am sincerely grateful to the artists, who devoted their lives to people, sophisticated people.

Dec 04, 2019
Irina Mikhailovna

My deepest gratitude to the company who showed these wonderful paintings! I am so delighted! The paintings are fascinating! Magic! You want to keep viewing them and enjoy it more and more!!! Good luck to the artists and organizing team!!!

Dec 04, 2019
Vera Grigoryevna Nikoolina

It is very good you have touched upon the subject. It is very topical. It is desirable you continue with the project. The catalogue is compiled greatly. The Eternal Feminine needs to be continued, so that as many people as possible could become familiar with it. Thank you for the Exhibition. Look forward to hear from you and see new Eternal Feminine events.

 Dec 04, 2019              

I like very much the works by Freidoon Rassouli. The subject of the exhibition has been revealed completely in his paintings. It includes all: images, colors, femininity, glorification and love for the woman. The important role she plays in the life of the Earth is showed and glorified. The works enter the soul, impress and are to be remembered for a long time. Many thanks to the artist and the organizing team for the joy we have.

Dec 04,  2019
Irina Klimkina  

I got interested in the Exhibition due to the artistic movement which is new to me! I would like to get more familiar with the works of the artists who have their works exposed. I wish we could have a chance to buy reproductions of paintings, catalogue and other feature production at the exhibition!

Dec 04, 2019
Tatiana and Sergey Glazounovs
We have got great pleasure visiting the “Eternal Feminine” Project. The works exhibited embody piece, spiritual purity and great love for the woman. In the wonderful paintings we have seen romanticism and poetry, feminine soul and outer space. Thanks to the organizers of the exhibition. Look forward to enjoy new events.

Dec 04, 2019

Special thanks to the organizing team and everyone involved in the event for exhibiting the paintings by Freidoon Rassouli.  It is “breakthrough”, inspired art. He  has got a true vision of the Woman of the World. The soul fills with joy when you see such a wonderful paints harmony and compositions, that are swirls of feelings. Thank you, Freidoon Rassouli, for the chance to know You. With Love, Your Russia!

Dec 05, 2019

Thank you for an excellent selection of works. Good spirits, a lot of positive, imagination and eternity.

Dec 06, 2019

Many thanks to the organizers of the exhibition. My soul shines, I have rediscovered a lot of things.

Dec 06, 2019
Maris, Nina

Many thanks! Look forward to see more! We like everything. Our gratitude to Katya for her answering all our questions. Thank you! Good luck to all the organizers of the exhibition!

Dec 06, 2019
Larissa Ischook

My heartfelt thanks to all who has created the works, to all who gave us the chance to see them… I wish you all happiness, health and joy!